Module containing utility functions for plotting inside woo. Most functionality is exposed through woo.core.Plot, however.

woo.plot.autozoom = True

Enable/disable automatic plot rezooming after data update.

woo.plot.legendAlpha = 0.6

Transparency of legend frames in plots

woo.plot.live = False

Enable/disable live plot updating. Disabled without display (useless).

woo.plot.liveInterval = 0.5

Interval for the live plot updating, in seconds.

woo.plot.scatterMarkerKw = {'marker': [(0.0, 0.0), (-30.0, 10.0), (-25, 0), (-30.0, -10.0)]}

Parameters for the current position marker

woo.plot.scientific = True

Use scientific notation for axes ticks.


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