OpenSUSE 13.1

If on one-user machine, make /usr/local owned by yourself – for easy installation and updates:

sudo chown $USER: -R /usr/local

Install all dependencies:

# repository for libQGLViewer
sudo zypper ar -f
# repository for git>=1.8.5 (13.1 has 1.8.4)
sudo zypper ar -f
# repository for gts-snapshot
sudo zypper ar -f
# reload repositories; type "a" ("trust always") for new repository keys
sudo zypper update
# install everything what is packaged
# IMPORTANT: there will be vendor cachanges (KDE:Qt.repo) for packages
#   make sure you accept all of them!
sudo zypper install git scons ccache gcc-c++ binutils-gold libeigen3-devel boost-devel ipython python-matplotlib python-numpy python-genshi python-xlwt python-xlrd python-h5py python-lockfile python-xlib python-imaging vtk-devel ipython hdf5-devel python-pip python-Cython python-devel python-numpy-devel python-psutil python-colorama freeglut-devel libgle-devel libqt4-devel python-qt4-devel python-qt4-utils libQGLViewer-devel vtk-devel gts-snapshot-devel
# patch vtk-6.0 headers, to work around
sudo perl -pi -e's/\((isnan|isinf|isfinite)/\(std::$1/' /usr/include/vtk-6.0/vtkMath.h
# locally compile python modules which are not packaged
# do not use python-h5py package since there may be hdf5 version mismatch for some reason
sudo pip install h5py minieigen colour_runner

Now grab and compile woo itself:

# get Woo source
git clone
# compile (drink coffee); adjust jobs=... to number of cores, and at least 4GB RAM/job
scons jobs=4 CXX='ccache g++' brief=0 features=qt4,opengl,vtk,openmp,gts CPPPATH=/usr/lib64/python2.7/site-packages/numpy/core/include/:/usr/include/eigen3:/usr/include/vtk-6.1 LIBPATH=/usr/lib64/vtk LIBDIR=/usr/local/lib64/python2.7/site-packages EXECDIR=/usr/local/bin
# run self-tests
woo --test
# later, try integrated git update & rebuild
woo -RR


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