Timestep computation

Timestep determines numerical stability and is an important parameter in simulations. It can be assigned explicitly, but it can also be left at its default nan value, and it will be initialized automatically.

In the DEM field, there are three constraints for critical timestep:

  1. particle stiffnesses (pWaveDt and similar) which essentially estimate future contact stiffnesses from a single particle;

  2. current contact stiffnesses (DynDt) sums up all stiffnesses of all contact of a node, and estimates eigenvalue, which is the proper stability criterion;

  3. current intra-particles stiffnesses (FEM) which are linking nodes of multi-nodal particles (DynDt provides the interface to query those, by using IntraForce).


When timestep is not a meaningful value at the beginning of the timestep (usually the very first one), all defined fields (via Field::critDt) and engines (via Engine::critDt) are queried for critical timestep:

  1. DemField determines critical timestep by calling pWaveDt on its particles.

  2. ConveyorInlet reports minimum timestep based on the smallest particle to be generated, and assigned material.

  3. RandomInlet calls its generators, which, in conjunction with material information from the inlet, compute the critical timestep for particles to be generated.

  4. DynDt is called to determine timestep the same as otherwise (see below).

The critical timestep from all these sources is multipled by the dtSafety factor before being applied to dt.


DynDt uses both contact and intra-particle stiffnesses to determin critical timestep:

  1. if engines contain IntraForce, it will be used: for every multi-nodal particle, IntraForce::addIntraStiffness is called; this dispatches the call to shape-specific functor (if any), which in turn calls its own shape-specific IntraFunctor::addIntraStiffnesses. This function is responsible for intializing internal stiffness matrices, if necessary, and reporting diagonal stiffness terms to the caller.

  2. for all nodes, traverse all particles attached to it, and add their normal and tangential stiffnesses.


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