class woo._GLViewer.GLViewer

Raises an exception This class cannot be instantiated from Python


Show arrows for axes.

center((GLViewer)arg1[, (bool)median=True]) → None :

Center view. View is centered either so that all bodies fit inside (median=False), or so that 75% of bodies fit inside (median=True).

close((GLViewer)arg1) → None

Camera position.

fitAABB((GLViewer)arg1, (Vector3)mn, (Vector3)mx) → None :

Adjust scene bounds so that Axis-aligned bounding box given by its lower and upper corners mn, mx fits in.

fitSphere((GLViewer)arg1, (Vector3)center, (float)radius) → None :

Adjust scene bounds so that sphere given by center and radius fits in.


Show frames per second indicator.

loadState((GLViewer)arg1, (int)slot) → None :

Load display parameters from slot saved previously into, identified by its number.


Point at which camera is directed.


Whether orthographic projection is used; if false, use perspective projection.

povRayCam((GLViewer)arg1) → str :

Return textual definition of camera in POV-Ray which will be the same with the current camera setup in this view.

rotCursorFreeze = False
saveState((GLViewer)arg1, (int)slot) → None :

Save display parameters into numbered memory slot. Saves state for both GLViewer and associated Renderer.


Visible scene radius.


Size of the viewer’s window, in scree pixels

showEntireScene((GLViewer)arg1) → None
snapshot((GLViewer)arg1, (str)arg2) → None :

Save screenshot of this view to out. Recognized extensions are .png, .jpg, .jpeg. Execution of snapshot is deferred and will be carried out after the next frame will have been rendered; the call returns immediately.


Vector that will be shown oriented up on the screen.


Camera orientation (as vector).

woo._GLViewer.View() → GLViewer :

Create a new 3d view.

woo._GLViewer.center() → None :

Center all views.

woo._GLViewer.views() → list :

Return list of all open woo.qt.GLViewer objects


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