Source code for woo.tests

# encoding: utf-8
# 2009 © Václav Šmilauer <>
"""All defined functionality tests for woo."""
from __future__ import print_function
import unittest, types

# import all test suites so that they can be picked up by testAll
# explicit imports here so that suites are packed by pyInstaller
from . import core
from . import pbc
from . import clump
from . import psd
from . import io
from . import energy
from . import grid
from . import labels
from . import hertz
from . import ellipsoid
from . import batch
from . import shapepack
from . import tetra
from . import volumetric
from . import demfield
from . import clustering
# this is ugly, but automatic
allTests=[m for m in dir() if type(eval(m))==types.ModuleType and eval(m).__name__.startswith('woo.tests')]
# should the above break, do it manually (but keep the imports above):
## allTests=['core','pbc','clump','psd','io']

# all woo modules (ugly...)
import woo.linterpolation,woo.log,woo.pack,woo.plot,woo.post2d,woo.timing,woo.utils,woo.batch,woo.comp,woo.triangulated
    import woo.qt
except ImportError: pass

# fully qualified module names
allTestsFQ=['woo.tests.'+test for test in allTests]

    import colour_runner.runner
except ImportError:
    print('(colour-runner not installed, using uncolored output for tests; see')

[docs]def testModule(module): """Run all tests defined in the module specified, return TestResult object ( for further processing. @param module: fully-qualified module name, e.g. woo.tests.core """ suite=unittest.defaultTestLoader.loadTestsFromName(module) return MyTestRunner(verbosity=2).run(suite)
[docs]def testAll(sysExit=False): """Run all tests defined in all woo.tests.* modules. Return TestResult object for further examination. If *sysExit* is true, call sys.exit with status 0 (all tests passed), 1 (some tests failed), 2 (an exception was raised). """ suite=unittest.defaultTestLoader.loadTestsFromNames(allTestsFQ) import doctest, sys for mod in allModules: suite.addTest(doctest.DocTestSuite(mod)) try: result=MyTestRunner(verbosity=2).run(suite) if not sysExit: return result if result.wasSuccessful(): print('*** ALL TESTS PASSED ***') sys.exit(0) else: print(20*'*'+' SOME TESTS FAILED '+20*'*') sys.exit(1) except SystemExit: raise # re-raise except: print(20*'*'+' UNEXPECTED EXCEPTION WHILE RUNNING TESTS '+20*'*') print(20*'*'+' '+str(sys.exc_info()[0])) print(20*'*'+" Please report bug to providing the following traceback:") import traceback; traceback.print_exc() print(20*'*'+' Thank you '+20*'*') if sysExit: sys.exit(2) raise